Why exercise with TSM?

"Studies have universally
  proven that the overall
  well being of a person
  with cancer is directly
  dependent on regular
  physical activity."

– Kyle Holen M.D.,
  TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc.
  Medical Advisor; Oncologist,
  UW Comprehensive Cancer
  Center; Assistant Professor,
  University of Wisconsin-

"Engaging in regular physical activity is the single most valuable
  thing a cancer survivor can do to rebuild both physical and
  emotional strength."

Julie Gralow M.D., TEAMSurvivor Northwest Co-founder and Medical
  Advisory Board Member, oncologist and researcher

 What participation in a regular exercise program will do for you:

  • Improve fitness and strength
  • Receive emotional and social support from other team members affected by cancer
  • Counteract fatigue and treatment side effects
  • Increase feelings of confidence and control
  • Remove roadblocks to better health and fitness
  • Train in a safe and supportive environment
  • Learn how to manage health and well-being

Our programs gear to all levels of fitness; the basic requirement is that it be fun.  We welcome women of all ages with all types of cancer. While engaged in fitness activities we experience the ongoing healing process necessary for women living with cancer.  TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc. members experience fun and friendship as we:

  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Take classes such as Qigong, NIA, yoga and Pilates
  • Train and participate in a triathlon
  • Dragon Boat (a water sport that involves twenty women paddling
    in unison to move long, narrow boats through the water)
  • Participate in one time adventures such as kayaking, orienteering and more . . .

Some of the events in which we have participated:

  • American Cancer Society Run/Walk, Madison, WI
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Madison, WI
  • Danskin Women’s Triathlon Series, Pleasant Prairie, WI
  • Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival,  Superior, WI
  • St. Charles Dragon Boat Festival, St. Charles, IL
  • Mad City Marathon Relay, Madison, WI
  • Crazylegs Run/Walk, Madison, WI
  • Berbee Derbee Run/Walk, Madison, WI
  • Ride for the Roses, Lance Armstrong Foundations, Austin, TX

TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc. members connect with other women cancer survivors, developing camaraderie and irreplaceable friendships.  We encourage, support and inspire each other to do so much more than if we didn’t have one another.  Women share similar experiences and goals as they regain control of their health, their bodies and their lives.  As we walk, bike, paddle  . . . . we connect with each other and nurture support systems that enrich our lives.


“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

The feelings of joy, excitement and accomplishment are evident on our faces when we, women affected with cancer, realize we are able to complete fitness activities we never thought we could do.  We know we can count on the encouragement from our TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc. “sisters.”  When we’re together our fun and friendly attitude is contagious.  Although cancer has brought us together it’s the fitness, friendship and fun which keep us energized and inspired.  We are survivors!